What Benefits Can The American Society For Asset Protection Offer You?

Benifits of Asset Protection

Most business owners and individuals can benefit from asset protection; the services provided by the American Society for Asset Protection not only help prevent lawsuits, but they can also increase the chances of surviving lawsuits, avoiding judgments, and make up for insurance deficits.

Lawsuit Prevention

You may think no one would ever sue you or your company, but the truth is that most people and businesses are at risk. You don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to need asset protection; a single instance of negligence at your business a car accident or injury can open you, your business, and your family up to litigation and loss. Even “deep pocket” corporations can lose enough in a lawsuit to destabilize the business, and one lawsuit can be enough to wipe out individuals and small business owners.

Asset protection affords you a higher level of financial privacy so that onlookers see a much less significant wealth signature. This means that fewer attorneys (if any) are willing to take on a contingency case against you. Remember, if you have to fight a lawsuit in court you lose even when you prevail thanks to the costs of litigation.

Making Up For Insurance Deficits

Most people and all reputable businesses have insurance, but being insured doesn't mean they are adequately protected for every situation. In fact, there are many common situations that insurance policies do not typically cover. Furthermore, you might be surprised how quickly you can reach your policy limits during times of trouble. American Asset Protection Associates can make sure that you plug all of the potential leaks in your financial security caused by insurance exemptions and shortages.

Surviving a Lawsuit

For those times when avoiding a lawsuit altogether just isn't possible, professional asset protection can help you survive and emerge financially intact. In fact, a strong asset protection plan can shorten the litigation process and help you attain a much more favorable outcome. For example, our program can help you make your assets very difficult—if not practically impossible—to seize. This gives you a much stronger position within the litigation process and provides you with more leverage for negotiations.

Smart Asset Management

Even if you don't get sued, tough financial times can mean liens and creditors. In general creditors are more likely to pursue liquid assets; the less liquid your assets, the less likely they are to be pursued. Cash in an account is much more simple to recover than real estate or business equipment. Asset Protection specialists can advise you about how your assets should be maintained, and assign and categorize your liquid assets correctly. This keeps your worth protected by law, wherever you are.


The American Society For Asset Protection offers you peace of mind, better financial security, smart asset management, and a lower risk of being sued. It protects your business and your personal assets during and after lawsuits as well, and mitigates against inadequate insurance. Smart asset protection is essential to planning your future and that of your business, so view it as part of your overall business plan or financial strategy.