Don’t Fall for Another Company’s Asset Protection Scam

Asset protection

In recent years, the importance of asset protection has come to light, and many doctors, dentists, and business owners are looking for the best way to ensure their assets are protected so they can enjoy the fruits of their work, and then pass it on to their heirs when the time comes. Even the American Bar Association has chimed in on the matter. Their Asset Protection Planning Committee “sprung from the widespread acknowledgement throughout the estate planning bar that planning to protect a client’s capital accumulation during the client’s lifetime and after death should be one of the essential considerations in an estate plan.”

In other words, some of the best minds in the business understand how important asset protection is.

But in order to get legitimate protection, you need to avoid the asset protection scams that have sprung up to take advantage of people who don’t know what to look for in a legitimate planner. At the American Society for Asset Protection, we’ve put together a checklist you should follow when talking to an asset protection planner. If the company doesn’t offer these services, it might be an asset protection scam.

  • The opportunity to work with a real lawyer. Lawyers have been trained in the legal aspects of asset protection, which is why it’s imperative that the asset planning company you work with has qualified lawyers on board that will personally work with you on your specific case. If the asset protection company tells you that a lawyer isn’t necessary, think twice about dealing with them.
  • Counseling when you need it. A legitimate asset protection firm will offer one-on-one counseling to help you with the practical aspects of implementing an asset protection kit. For example, you will have to deal with a lot of forms, applications and other paperwork, and you should be provided with an expert to help you deal with it.
  • Guidance throughout the process. A lot of asset protection scams sell you a kit and wish you luck, leaving you to try and figure out things on your own. That’s a disaster in waiting, according to professionals who say you need expert help to guide you during the entire process.
  • American Society for Asset Protection associates are well-versed in the laws and statutes of asset protection, and they are passionate about their work. If you’re worried about protection against lawsuits, excessive income taxes, or the ability to leave your heirs a legacy without the government taking the majority of it, you need to speak to one of our experts to find out how we can help. We make it easy by offering free presentations, and to schedule one, all you need to do is call us and schedule it now. Don’t delay—your assets aren’t protected until you take the steps to secure them.

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